VAN BANDS EP 5: Hollow Twin + Hyaenas + Daring Greatly

July 19th, 2024 @ 7:00pm PST

VAN BANDS EP 5: Hollow Twin + Hyaenas + Daring Greatly
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> a musical group touring in a boxy shaped, often run down, van from town to town. Commonly living off of gas station snacks, such as cheesies and pepperoni sticks, to try their luck at making it BIG. Hard working “starving” artists that need fan support. 

Have you heard about Kelowna’s coolest new Music Series VAN BANDS?!

Do you like discovering new music to share with your friends?

Do you want the badge of honor of “I SAW THEM WHEN”?

Revelry + Local Losers presents: VAN BANDS

Bringing you the hottest new acts from around Western Canada before they get too big + only play stadiums. 

We are talking indie bands on the verge of being signed (or who have just been signed but we got to them before your Spotify Playlists)

Musicians that load up their Vans, packed with gear, gas station meals and Hopes + Dreams. Driving through the mountains, coming to you with catchy tunes and pure talent.

Episode 5:


Hollow Twin are a 5-piece Canadian Indie Rock band from Vancouver, Canada. With strong influence from 1960s pop and rock. The band formed in 2015 as a duo comprised of Becky Wosk and Emmalee Watts. In 2023, Emmalee took a step back from the band and Alex Smith (Dead Soft, Loans) stepped in as Becky’s partner. Levi Bakker (Keys), Daniel Sparrow (Bass) and Dean Disanjh (Drums) Joined soon after.

The new lineup of members formed from a collection of old friends who met in high school and at punk shows in Chilliwack/Abbotsford as teens and who all just couldn't get enough Fleetwood Mac and The Pixies.


Daring Greatly, a heartfelt rock ensemble, came into being in 2014 amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Calgary, Alberta. Founded by the Croome brothers, Patrick and Liam, along with percussionist Brayden Tario, the group's origin story is marked by a profound connection to their Canadian heritage. Following an early journey of exploration, the band's path led them across landscapes before finding their musical haven in the city of San Diego. Over the span of nine transformative years, they've artfully crafted albums that not only embrace their Canadian roots but also intricately weave together the tapestry of American rock and country influences, resulting in a truly unique and captivating soundscape.


Embodying the energy and ferocity of their animal namesake, Hyaenas is an Indie Alt Pop band “boasting stellar musicianship, meaningful songwriting, incredible talent, and a unique sound that excels.” (Great Dark Wonder) Their songs are written through a queer feminist lens that explore all facets of Human Nature while drawing inspiration from 80’s icons The Go-Go’s to modern day Indie darlings The Beaches, and synth-pop band Metric.

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July 19th, 2024 @ 7:00pm PST
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